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Visionary Optics

An established industry leader in the Scleral Lens sector, Visionary Optics has been specializing in unique vision solutions nationwide for more than 20 years. During the first two decades of the company’s history, they developed a strong core of flagship products and a sizeable customer base. They were successful, but their marketing tools and tactics were in need of a refresh. Their increasingly savvy customers expected digital simplicity in online ordering, which meant that Visionary Optics needed a modernized website experience. Their plan for the future also included multiple product launches, a complete brand overhaul, and the roll-out of a revolutionary new technology—for which they were the exclusive U.S. distributor.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Streamlining Online Orders + Manufacturing Turnaround

Translating technical terminology into captivating marketing material is never easy. Communicating the transformational benefits of a brand-new technology is even harder. Throwing a product launch, a custom website, and a rebrand into the mix could have led to disaster for the Visionary Optics team. What they needed was an auxiliary team of marketing professionals who could not only understand the complexities of what the company had to offer, but who could also transform all that technical lingo into highly effective product marketing.

That’s where Diace Designs came in.

The Success

Highlights:  4 Successful Product Launches  |  Doubled Client Revenue  |  6,865+ Orders Generated  |  Record-Breaking Conversions  |  Manufacturing to Shipping in 24-48 hours

Through collaboration with the team at Visionary Optics, Diace Designs created a vision for the comprehensive brand refresh encompassing print, exhibition, and digital channels. The Visionary Optics website was rebuilt from the ground up. The custom lens online ordering process was streamlined from a cumbersome, four-day ordeal to a simplified process taking less than four minutes for customers. The launch of their latest flagship product was a raving success, and that game-changing new piece of technology? It became the hottest item on the trade show circuit.

This technology keeps track of 1 million different measurement points on your cornea and sclera. During a brief exam, the unit will stitch together data as you gaze in different directions, creating a custom and precise elevation map of your eyes’ topography.

The success that Visionary Optics achieved was not limited to marketing efforts alone—the operational efficiency of every customer touchpoint was enhanced as well. Diace Designs completely retooled the demo kits that Visionary Optics provided to their sales partners, saving the company thousands of dollars in shipping costs. Diace also designed a new trade show booth with high-quality materials that would retain their luxe appeal month after month, through dozens of setups and teardowns.

As an ancillary promotion at trade shows, Visionary Optics offered breakout sessions to educate partners and customers on their new high-tech vision solutions. Through a captivating email campaign and a show-stopping booth design, Diace Designs helped max out attendance at these sessions, where prospects stood shoulder-to-shoulder just to catch a glimpse of the presentation.

The culmination of what Diace Designs delivered is a multi-faceted brand solution that doubled revenue over two years—and led an international expansion in 2017. Now, as Visionary Optics looks to the future, they know that even more success awaits with Diace Designs by their side.

Clients Raves

What Our Clients Say

"Visionary Optics began working with Diace Designs over four years ago on a complete re-branding of our website and product line. Since that initial project, Diace Designs has become an integral part of our marketing and design process. Jessica has the creative flexibility to provide a finished product based on our specifications or is able to generate original designs from our very abstract unformed ideas. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, has a great design sense, and poses thoughtful questions to us in terms of overall design concept and applications to ensure we are receiving full benefit from each marketing modality. Visionary Optics now has a professional design aesthetic that I am incredibly proud to stand behind and that directly correlates with the quality of our products and talented team. We look forward to many more successful marketing campaigns with Jessica and Diace Designs."

Monica Sanders

Director of Operations, Visionary Optics
Monica Sanders

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