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Stellar Partners

Stellar Partners started out with one duty-free store and grew into a formidable competitor in the airport retail industry. They currently operate 38 stores in 10 major airports across the U.S. Stellar partners with some of the most famous and beloved brands such as TUMI, Swarovski, and Ron Jon Surf Shop. Recently acquired by industry giant HMSHost, Stellar is on the cusp of becoming one of the biggest players in airport retail, but first they must relearn the industry they’ve been operating in for nearly 30 years. Now that they’re backed by one of the largest airport food and beverage providers in the world, Stellar needs to play big and—most importantly—to win BIG.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Million-Dollar Contracts

Securing a retail space within an airport terminal requires Stellar to compete against a litany of competitors. They must sell their envisioned retail concept to a panel of airport judges who have exacting standards and no time to waste on improperly formatted documents. Even for an industry titan like HMSHost, these projects are a massive undertaking. The complex documents can span up to 250 pages and often take dedicated teams two months to produce. They come with rigorous requirements for even the smallest details, and they demand a diverse array of information from various Stellar departments. Despite the fact that Stellar had competed for and won numerous contracts in the past, they were now faced with the need to reinvent the entire process from the ground up.

It’s not easy to change habits that have been developed over 30 years. When Stellar grew as a company, what was expected of them grew as well. The old standby designs that worked for them in the past just wouldn’t cut it anymore; Stellar needed to revive their creative side in order to win the big contracts. As the agency of choice for parent company HMSHost, Diace Designs was the first team Stellar turned to for help. Diace’s track record of success with HMSHost was exactly what Stellar needed to refresh their approach to conception and design.

They were the only team who could get it all done and generate Stellar’s largest proposal to date in just four weeks’ time.

The Success

Highlights:  Award-Winning Projects | Deadline Met in the Midst of a Hurricane

With only four weeks to create a comprehensive package for the world’s busiest passenger airport, Diace hit the ground running. Coming in as an auxiliary team with high-level experience, Diace guided Stellar through the growing pains of a small business gone big and instructed Stellar on the hallmarks of winning projects. Together, the two teams completed a game-changing new project just before the deadline—amidst one of the worst storms to hit the Southeast.

The success encompassed more than just the project at hand; within and as a by-product of that first project, Diace Designs repositioned Stellar for future projects. They set the stage for Stellar to re-enter the industry as a headliner. They found a way to not only re-envision Stellar’s projects, but to reimagine their place in the industry as a whole.

When the pressure is on and the deadline is tight, Diace Designs team will be there when it counts the most.

Client Raves

What Our Clients Say

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica and the Diace Team since 2017. They work with multi-million and billion dollar companies, however, they treat smaller companies just as well as they do their larger clients. The professionalism and dedication is next to none. I have worked directly with Jessica on several large projects; when faced with some serious deadlines she has stepped up to the plate and was always ready and willing for the challenge. She has assisted in times of need over and beyond anything that I could have asked or imagined. Jessica and the Diace Team are absolutely amazing and greatly appreciated for all of their tenacity, hard work and attention to detail on every project, no matter how large or how small."

Lauryn Mangum

Business Development Coordinator
Stellar Partners
Lauryn Mangum

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