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CM2000 has provided electronic monitoring software for home healthcare agencies since 1999. The company first established itself as a key player in the United Kingdom by anticipating the need for real-time monitoring of home healthcare providers. In 2014, CM2000 took that technology to the US market just before the federal government established new requirements for the home healthcare industry. The timing could not have been better. CM2000 had a unique opportunity to be the first provider to conform to the new regulations. With this opportunity in mind, the company set its sights on Texas as their test ground.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake: First to Market Under New Regulations

The timing of CM2000’s entry into the US market primed the company for a windfall of new clients—if they could manage to beat their competitors to market while meeting the new industry regulations and navigating the complexities of foreign government policy. With so much to manage on the operational side, not to mention the differences in marketing strategies between the US and the UK, CM2000 knew they would need a partner in the States to handle their marketing, outreach, and consumer education.

Thankfully, they found Diace Designs.

The Success

Highlights:  Filled Pipeline into the Millions  |  First to Market Under New Regulations  |  Automated CRM Lead Distribution

As soon as Diace Designs got the call from CM2000, they hit the ground running. In just four short weeks, Diace had created a comprehensive and wildly successful marketing campaign that went on to fill CM2000’s sales pipeline into the millions with six-figure deals.

The campaign’s success can be largely attributed to the quick thinking of the Diace team; rather than using traditional, direct mail marketing tactics that would waste both time and money, Diace built a digital campaign that incorporated email marketing, a high-converting landing page, informational videos, compelling webinars, and automated lead distribution. All lead data from the landing page was backed up, sent to directly to CM2000’s CRM, and then assigned to the appropriate pipeline, saving the client precious time when they had not a minute to spare.

This digitally optimized campaign resulted in CM2000 being first to market and the number one choice for home healthcare providers seeking to comply with the new regulations. In fact, the campaign was so successful that competitors raced to copy it, producing their own webinars and videos that bore a striking similarity to those created by Diace.

Just three months after hiring Diace Designs, CM2000 had racked up millions in potential sales. It was a record-breaking win for both companies, and a campaign the entire industry won’t soon forget.

Clients Raves

What Our Clients Say

"Diace Designs delivered several projects expeditiously for a newly-won multimillion-dollar account. Most notably, this included the end to end development of a 1-minute video describing our value proposition and the design and development of a web page with a sign-up form that connected directly to our CRM tool. The Diace Designs team turned this over in record time and it was very well received by our constituents, resulting in hundreds of sign-ups within 3 months’ time."

Mary Maloney

Former CEO of North America
Mary Maloney

Being first to market is just one competitive advantage.

Hiring Diace Designs is another. No matter how big the opportunity or how short the timeline, we have the expertise you need to make the right marketing decisions, fast.

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