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Tampa Bay Parenting

Long established as a local authority for the modern parent, Tampa Bay Parenting has been delivering sage advice to Tampa families for over a decade. The print magazine and digital companion has an annual readership of more than 750,000. When it comes to finding educational resources or family-friendly events in the Tampa Bay area, there’s no better resource than Tampa Bay Parenting.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Creating a Friendly Resource for on-the-go Parents

In today’s digital age, most readers of Tampa Bay Parenting are parents on the go; they need access to the magazine’s articles and resources right from their phones. Knowing this, Tampa Bay Parenting had enlisted the help of a large web development agency to create an updated, mobile-optimized website. Unfortunately, they found themselves in a marketing emergency when the agency they hired failed to produce a website after six arduous months of design discussion.

That’s when they sent out an SOS to Diace Designs.

The Success

Highlights:  6-Week Turnaround  |  1 Custom WordPress Website

Picking up the pieces of the failed first attempt, Diace worked hard to assure Tampa Bay Parenting that they were now in good hands. Building that trust was a difficult but necessary part of the process. Thankfully, Diace pulled it off. Within six weeks, they took the brand new Tampa Bay Parenting website live, and the client was over the moon.

The new website Diace Designs delivered was exactly what Tampa Bay Parenting needed. It combined a highly-effective SEO strategy with mobile responsiveness to reach parents when and where they needed access to the content the most. It also created new streams of revenue for the media company by providing customizable ad space on the website itself.

Perhaps the greatest measure of the website’s success is that it has withstood the test of time. Despite a recent a rebrand, Tampa Bay Parenting continues to use the same website design that Diace created years ago.

Should the media company find itself in another marketing emergency in the future, they know that they can trust Diace Designs to save the day once again.

Clients Raves

What Our Clients Say

"It’s wonderful to have a design partner who understands our specific needs, is responsive and collaborative, and consistently delivers an exceptional product!"

Angela Ardolino

Former Founder of
Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine
Angela Ardolino

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Case Studies

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