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BostonSight SCLERAL

BostonSight is a world-renowned nonprofit leader in the health care sector that focuses on ocular health. The organization supplies education, research, medical treatment, and technical innovation as part of their mission to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. BostonSight has two primary offerings for patients and eye care providers: BostonSight PROSE, a revolutionary medical treatment model; and BostonSight SCLERAL, a new, data-driven product delivering unparalleled scleral lens design.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake: Brand Reputation + Success of a Product Relaunch

As a nonprofit, the BostonSight team is dedicated to the academic and clinical aspects of their organization. Although they excel in these areas, it means that their marketing takes a backseat. If they hoped to reach a broader audience with their latest innovation, BostonSight SCLERAL, then the organization would need a brand makeover. That meant an updated color palette, new brand images, reworked messaging, a new trade show booth, and new supporting promotional materials. With the date of their next trade show looming just two months away, BostonSight began the search for an expert design team with experience marketing innovative health care products and creating trade show booths in a pinch.

Thankfully, they found Diace Designs.

The Success

Highlights: New Branded Assets + Trade Show Booth + Marketing Materials

In just five weeks, Diace Designs delivered a stunning transformation for the BostonSight SCLERAL brand. The new trade show booth was designed and delivered on time—with improved messaging, updated images, and custom lens illustrations created by the Diace team. These illustrations were critical to depicting the ground-breaking technology used in the BostonSight SCLERAL lenses. Supporting materials brought the whole display together with one cohesive brand vision. Diace created tabletop displays and product brochures to highlight the organization’s visionary work as a leader in the scleral lens industry. The campaign spanned both print and digital media: Diace also designed branded email blasts to drive traffic to the BostonSight SCLERAL booth workshops.

The work done by the Diace Designs team exceeded client expectations and set the tone for their upcoming website redesign. As BostonSight looks to the future, they can rest easy knowing that they’ve found a first-rate marketing partner in Diace Designs.

Client Raves

What Our Clients Say

"It was a pleasure working with Jessica and the Diace Designs team. Everyone on the team was extremely professional, receptive to our needs, and able to accommodate the very technical aspects of our products and services into an overall vision for our brand. They delivered our project on time and went the extra mile to help us reach our goals."

Karen G. Carrasquillo, OD, PhD, FAAO, FSLS

Director of Clinical Care, BostonSight®
Karen G. Carrasquillo, OD, PhD, FAAO, FSLS

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