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Medical technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Standing at the forefront of the industry is Bio-Tissue®, a leader in wound healing solutions for eye care professionals. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Bio-Tissue® provides FDA-approved surgical and therapeutic alternatives for helping heal damaged eyes. The company works directly with eye care professionals to reach the people who need their products, one of which is a biologic corneal bandage device called PROKERA®.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Standing Out in a Crowded Market

After years of development, Bio-Tissue® was ready to reveal PROKERA®. The company hired a marketing agency to create informational material, advertisements, and sales aids. Unfortunately, the agency was unable to deliver the quality of work that Bio-Tissue® was seeking. The designs lacked the innovation that made PROKERA® stand out in the market, and they didn’t differentiate the product enough from the Bio-Tissue® brand. Despite multiple attempts to get it right, Bio-Tissue® eventually made the choice to change agencies. As the deadline for print ads drew nearer, Bio-Tissue® knew they needed to find someone who could meet their expectations—fast.

They had no time to lose.

The Success

Highlights:  2-Week Turnaround  |  Industry Praises on New Campaign

Diace Designs, ever-ready for the next challenge, received the call from Bio-Tissue® and immediately went to work. Diace produced six initial design concepts that evolved into multiple print campaigns, infographics, sales aids, and online ads. They even translated the designs into email campaigns and door hangers for additional impact. The deadlines for print ads were met. The sales aids (pocket folders full of informational materials and custom infographics), were exactly what Bio-Tissue® was looking for. And the online ads, in combination with the email campaigns, were a striking success.

Thanks to Diace’s experience with FDA regulations, the PROKERA® campaign launched in just two weeks and sailed through a notoriously rigorous approval process. The success positioned PROKERA® as a flagship product for Bio-Tissue®.

When Bio-Tissue® is ready to reveal their next innovative solution, they’ll know who to call first: Diace Designs.

Client Raves

What Our Clients Say

"When I needed to reposition PROKERA® as the Sr. Marketing Manager at Bio-Tissue®, I knew exactly who to call. Jessica has the ability to take my unformed ideas and pose the right questions to deliver an exceptional design way beyond my expectations. The 'Healing Beyond Relief' campaign is a perfect example of the way Diace is able to bring an idea to life as a complete concept that we were able to turn into a very successful marketing campaign. When we introduced the campaign to our publishers and key opinion leaders, we got a lot of WOW reactions and many compliments on the campaign. Design Designs is a true marketing partner through their creative and innovative marketing services, responsiveness and exceptional customer service."

Cassandra Gordon, NCLEC

Sr. Marketing Manager, Bio-Tissue®
Cassandra Gordon, NCLEC

Pharma marketing is no place for beginners.

Our elite team at Diace Designs has extensive experience marketing products within the purview of FDA regulations. When it comes time to bring your product to market, we’ll be there to help you navigate the regulatory complexities and capitalize on your investment with efficiency.

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