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The Council of Administrators and Supervisors (CAS) is the largest professional organization of school administrators and supervisors on Long Island, NY. For nearly 50 years, CAS has provided professional development opportunities and legal resources to school leaders at no cost. As the organization has grown over the years, so has their extensive bank of resources. From financial workshops and job postings to scholarships and news links, CAS provides a robust support network for their members.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Custom Member Website Portal

When CAS first approached Diace Designs, they were looking for someone who could update and refine their existing website. Despite all of the wonderful resources CAS had amassed over the years, the volume of information and lack of a structured layout made it difficult for members to find what they needed. Most CAS members are not tech savvy, so the original website went underutilized and underappreciated. It was not optimized for mobile, and moreover, there was no way for website visitors to become CAS members. At the most foundational level, CAS was lacking its own brand identity. What CAS needed was a complete redesign of their website and membership onboarding process. Above all else, the new website needed to be easy to use for visitors (who are far from tech savvy) and site administrators.

The Success

Highlights:  12-Week Turnaround  |  2 Successful Custom Websites with Membership Portals

What was once simply a digital corkboard layered with resources became a polished and professional custom website in just three months. First and foremost, Diace Designs worked with CAS to create a clear brand vision for the organization. Diace updated the CAS logo and paired it with a clean, organized layout that maximized the usability of CAS resources. The new website, designed with mobile visitors in mind, was easy to navigate on any device regardless of the visitor’s technical skill.

Diace also developed a streamlined member signup process and members-only content areas. They created a dynamic job posting board that would automatically remove expired job listings, allowing CAS to manage their site with significantly less effort. Once the website went live, rather than holding the organization hostage for routine text updates, Diace Designs instructed CAS on how to update the content of their website themselves.

When it came time to revamp the website again years later, CAS turned to Diace once again. The latest iteration of the website builds upon the last; it embraces the decluttered aesthetic of mobile-first design, puts the organization itself front and center, and keeps the CAS audience top of mind. The result is a leading resource for school administrators throughout Long Island and a website worthy of bookmarking.

Clients Raves

What Our Clients Say

"When we were looking to create a new website for our company, we contacted Diace Designs to explore the possibilities within our budget. With their hard work and dedication, Diace created a design for our website that was not only easy to update, but is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Diace Designs listened to us and understood our needs. Their vision and determination to ensure that our needs were met was wonderful. Diace Designs helped us build and trained our staff to maintain a robust website making it easier to communicate with our clients and vendors."

Albert Voorneveld

Council of Administrators & Supervisors (CAS)
Albert Voorneveld

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