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Tampa General Hospital

Tampa General Hospital is a source of pride for the Tampa Bay Area. In 2018, it was named one of the top 100 best hospitals in the country, and it is the only hospital on the west coast of Florida to make the top 100 list. A nationally ranked teaching hospital, Tampa General serves a population of more than 4,000,000 people in West Central Florida. The private, non-profit facility is one of the largest hospitals in the state and is the area’s only Level I Trauma Center. Its emergency transport teams reach 23 surrounding counties, and the organ transplant center is known as one of the best in the country. Maintaining the acclaim and recognition that the hospital has garnered over the years requires dedicated staff members, visionary leadership, and a commitment to excellence.

The Challenge

What’s at Stake:  Training Tampa General’s 8,000+ Employees

Training, developing, and inspiring Tampa General’s 8,000+ employees is no small feat, but it is critical to an organization whose people are its brand. The rollout of information across many various departments is challenging, but ensuring that the information is engaging and digestible is perhaps the most difficult part of the task. When the time came to issue an update on the hospital’s values, standards, and service behavior, Tampa General’s internal training department was maxed out with other projects. In order to meet the expectations and deadlines set by the hospital’s leadership, Tampa General would need to find an auxiliary team who could produce an array of training materials at hyper speed.

Naturally, they hired Diace Designs to get it done.

The Success

Highlights:  4-Week Turnaround  |  31,000+ Educational Pieces Printed

Just a few days after coming on board, Diace had the initial concept, value statement logo, and graphics ready for review. With unanimous approval from the hospital’s board, Diace Designs moved from conception to production with equally impressive speed.

In just four weeks, Diace transformed the new training module from a rough plan into a series of practical components that were as engaging as they were informative. The suite of assets included 25-page brochures (printed in both English and Spanish) with workbook activities for reinforcement, four-panel foldout pocket cards for quick reference, and laminated ID cards.

By including resources such as standardized responses to common inquiries, each component communicated Tampa General’s values in a practical way. By designing the materials with convenience in mind, Diace made it easy for employees to use the resources on a daily basis. The pocket cards fit neatly into the hospital’s uniform pockets, the ID cards were made to hang on the lanyard worn by hospital employees, and the brochures were prepackaged into units that could be readily distributed to the many hospital departments.

The work that Diace Designs carried out for the hospital was not limited to design alone; they also managed the translation of the materials into Spanish, and the print sourcing, delivery and re-packaging of more than 31,000 pieces.

It was this expert project management that enabled Tampa General to meet its deadlines, and it is Diace’s professional standard of excellence that keeps them on the short list of partners whom Tampa General can trust with their most important projects.


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"Jessica and her team at Diace Designs are amazing! I have used Diace Designs in the production of various marketing materials and everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. Proofs were provided when requested and the turnaround time allowed us to meet our deadlines. All of the materials produced were designed better than requested! I highly recommend Diace Designs for all of your professional design needs."

Tammy Zalduendo

Patient Advisory, Leadership Development Team
Tampa General Hospital
Tammy Zalduendo

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