over 50% growth
in two years!

Expanding to international markets.

“Visionary Optics has experienced over 50% growth and Diace Designs continues to exceed our expectations with their creativity and professionalism! We have not only received many compliments from our own customers, but from competitors and industry organizations. We could not be happier with the final result!”

Cassandra Gordon, NCLEC
VP of Sales & Marketing, Visionary Optics

A Fresh Take on an Established Business

You wouldn’t think that corneas come in so many different shapes and sizes – but unique vision solutions are what Visionary Optics specializes in for nearly 20 years.

Visionary Optics needed a fresh take on their online and in-person marketing that would be current, relevant, appealing – and stand out from the crowd. The scleral contact lens industry is growing fast, bringing new competitors to the market every day.

Close Working Relationship

Visionary Optics’ VP of Sales and Marketing, found Diace Designs online while searching for a design agency. She was looking for a design team who would be responsive, collaborative, and deliver personalized service.


Visionary Optics needed to keep up with the upstarts, which required a refreshed web presence. After extensive interviews to learn about their sales process and how to streamline as much as possible, Diace Designs not only built their website from scratch, we also automated their new account and ordering processes for practitioners. With a custom database back-up system, Visionary Optics team will always have their clients info at their finger tips.

Breakout Performance

Diace Designs didn’t stop there, we tackled Visionary Optics trade show presence. In an ocean of competitors, Visionary Optics’ new booth bustled with prospects the entire time. Visionary Optics break-out seminar sessions saw even more remarkable results. In addition to the audience who had pre-registered for the session, more people came pouring in. They stood shoulder to shoulder, all the way to the back of the room, even leaning against the walls. Talk about a full house!!

When your design partner takes the time to understand your specific niche, record-setting wins become the standard.


In the last two years of working with Diace Designs, Visionary Optics has experienced tremendous growth, upwards of 50%. After FOUR successful product launches, a website that is completely streamlined, record breaking conversation rates, Diace Designs is Visionary Optics go to for their creative needs.