HMS Host
Services Provided:

  +    Graphic Design
  +    Custom Package Design
  +    On-Site Photography
  +    Trade Show Materials
  +    Large Scale Projects

Designs that garnered perfect scores!

That’s why they trust us.

“It really is a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your attention to detail, proactive approach, and creativity.”
HMSHost Director

“We really appreciate all of your help and support. We were able to get it done and out the door within good time!”
HMSHost Manager

The World’s Largest Provider of Deliciousness for Travelers

If you’ve dined in an airport or pulled over on the motorway for a quick bite, chances are you’ve experienced some of what HMSHost has to offer. As the world’s largest provider of food and beverage services for travelers, with over 39,500 associates worldwide this $3.1 billion dollar company brings local, regional and international flavors to hungry travelers in more than 120 airports and 99 roadsides worldwide.

HMSHost has more than 300 international, regional and proprietary brands in its restaurant portfolio. But, it doesn’t stop there!

As they say, airports do more than launch airplanes – they launch trends in the consumer experience. If you’re ever in Chicago O’Hare’s airport, you’ll see what they mean as you pass by pillars of herbs and lettuces in the first-of-its kind urban garden.

It’s that kind of company. A game-changing kind of company. The kind of company that always pushes for something that’s a level beyond expectation. And they chose Diace Designs for several projects throughout the US; No details to be shared, our lips are sealed!

HMSHost knows that when your work is judged on creativity and design, every little detail counts. That’s why they trust Diace Designs. We’re all about attention to detail.

What we delivered:

Big projects with tight turnarounds
Designs that garnered perfect scores
Close working relationships with HMSHost internal team(s)
Praised for “attention to detail, proactive approach and creativity,” AND the ability to “Get it done and out the door within good time.”