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pipeline filled
into the millions!

21.6% conversion rate
in less than 2 months.

“Diace Designs delivered several projects expeditiously for a newly-won multi-million dollar account. Most notably, this included the end to end development of a 1 minute video describing our value proposition and the design and development of a web page with a sign up form that connected directly to our CRM tool. The Diace Designs team turned this over in record time and it was very well received by our constituents, resulting in hundreds of sign ups within 3 months time.”

Mary Maloney
Former CEO of North America, Care Monitoring 2000, LLC

Time Was of the Essence!

CM2000 provides electronic home healthcare monitoring, scheduling and financial management software for home healthcare agencies. In 2014, the UK-based company expanded to the U.S. market, just in time to take advantage of a change in state law requiring home healthcare providers to update their monitoring systems. The stage was set.

CM2000 had just 3 months to woo new customers before they had to choose a monitoring system to be in compliance with the new state regulation. The target was Texas – ALL OF IT.

“Are you EVV compliant? Care Monitoring 2000 Can Help You. Register for the free 30-minute webinar.”

The timing couldn’t have been better – and it couldn’t have been worse. We had a scant 4 weeks to create a fresh, compelling webinar, build a campaign around it, create landing pages, and produce a short upbeat video to warm up leads with plenty of time for them to meet the state mandated deadline.

The Operation Was a Success

Their last-minute demand became our last-minute deadline, and together, we were able to knock it out of the park. In just 3 months, the digital campaign and tools we developed for the CM2000 team helped fill their pipeline into the millions – six figure deals galore! That’s one HELL of a turn-around if you ask us!

BUT wait…we didn’t stop there…

Fast Response Requires Fast Thinking

The swift and enthusiastic response quickly made us realize that we needed to give the sales team a way to track these incoming leads. Just how far into Texas were we reaching? The Diace Designs web team put together a color-coded map of The Lone Star State with leads segmented based on size and geographic location, so the sales team could track which markets were saturated, and which were rich in opportunities.

With so many leads coming in, we went one step further to streamline the back end of their sales database. We designed our landing page to collect lead data, back it up online, and feed each lead into the company’s sales pipeline – fitting in neatly with their existing CRM – to make it easier to qualify and segment leads before distributing them to sales reps.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Diace Designs has a reputation for quick turnaround times, but this was a personal best. We knew we had to move fast so CM2000 could beat their competitors to the market. We hit the ground running and produced a campaign so good – some of their competitors copied it!

It’s no wonder why. The landing page alone garnered 1,700 views, resulting in 367 inquiries – a conversion rate of 21.5% in less than 2 months.